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Team Members

Bishop Blake & First Lady Blake

Senior leaders of ACOG

Angela Blake

Council Chair and Benevolence Bereavement Care Support

Patricia Hines

Church Administrator

Rohan Hines

Church Treasury

First Lady Claudene Blake

Doves Director

Neville O’Sullivan

Legacy Leaders (Mens) Director

Shirley-Anne Blake Anderson

Media & Tech Coordinator

Carl Ramsay

First Impression Director

Rockell Sewell

Worship Director

Verant O’Sullivan

Hospitality & Pastoral Care

Audrey Bryce


Tanisha Beecher

Ignite Ministry

Irene Samuels

Health & Wellness

Angene Cuffy

Prayer & Intercession

Donna Brown

Grace pantry (Outreach)

Bishop Delton & Gladys Fraser

Founders and Pastor Emeritus

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