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Grace pantry (Outreach)

Brief info

Donna Brown, a proud member of Agincourt Church of God. Being a member of this congregation for over 35 years has been rewarding and a blessing.I have built beautiful friendships, shared in special moments with members and grieved together in times of sadness. Through the good or bad we stand and work together while serving our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him all things are possible, and this is why I continue to serve as a member of the Outreach Ministry. It is my passion to serve and give back to my community. I believe, by doing this I am not just keeping the faith to myself but spreading it and that is what the gospel of Jesus is about.

I am extremely professional and find that being organized has assisted me in my journey through life. It is my belief that if we work together, support one another and provide an ear to those in need we can progress and grow spiritually and otherwise. I have always been an active person, playing various sports through high school and college.

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