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Youth World Evangelism Action (YWEA)

Target is to raise $2500 by June 2021

This ministry allows the youth and children of the Agincourt Church of God the opportunity to fulfill the discipleship challenge of the Great Commission. This project “Send the Light to the Cities” helps to establish a Ministry Training Center in Lomè, Togo, not only serving the nation but the entire Francophone (French-speaking) region of the continent. Proceeds will enable continued protection and provision for children throughout Africa in our orphanage homes.

Grace Pantry Outreach

We have raised ($150.00) thus far to help with sourcing items. We intend to raise at least $2000.00 to help source items.

Grace pantry is an outreach ministry that caters to families and individuals providing grocery products perishable and nonperishable that are donated largely by the ACOG members as well as other supporting organizations.This ministry collects these products package and distributes them according to the needs in the community. Our goal each year is to serve at least 150 families and growing, especially the vulnerable and seniors.We have thus far reached 50 families.If you wish to help us to meet the needs in our community, you can donate on our page.

World Vision Canada

Link on eventbrite. We have collected $554 thus far. Our target is to raise $1000. This initiative will be done once this year.

World Vision is partnering with UN agencies, the World Bank, and the local government to coordinate the response to COVID-19 in Senegal. In addition to training district health managers on COVID-19 prevention and management, World Vision is we are producing a guide for community health workers to be distributed to 30,000 local health workers.

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